Introduction to Third Eye Chakra Ajna

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for circular wheels of energy, which are in and around our bodies. The 7 chakras line up in the center of our bodies. Chakras 8 through 12 are connected to the soul, the divine and the cosmos (  The 6th chakra is the third eye chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

Sanskrit name: Ajna

Association:  intuition, foresight

Imbalances: headaches, dizziness, depression, addictive behavior, eye problems

Symbol: Om inside an inverted triangle within a circle with 2 lotus petals

Color: indigo

Element: light


Location: forehead, between eye brows

Healing Stones to balance, heal and cleanse the third eye chakra: agate, kyanite, cordierite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, larimar

Essential Oils to support 3rd eye chakra: vetiver, rosemary, angelic root, frankincense, cypress, sandalwood, bay laurel, patchouli, clary sage, marjoram, helichrysum, juniper

Organs connected to 3rd eye chakra: eyes, cerebrum, pineal gland, ear, nervous system

Strengthening 3rd eye chakra:   Child’s Pose (Balasana), Head to Knee Pose (Janu Sirsasana), Dolphin Pose (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana)

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Concentration and Mental Focus

Allie Von Fossen: 3rd Eye Chakra flow


Introduction to the Root Chakra Muladhara

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for circular wheels of energy, which are in and around our bodies. The 7 chakras line up in the center of our bodies. Chakras 8 through 12 are connected to the soul, the divine and the cosmos (  I am starting with the root chakra muladhara and will then do a post for each of the chakras.

Root/Base/First Chakra

Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Association: physical and spiritual energy, grounding, safety & security, family loyalty, foundation

Imbalances: lack of energy, eating disorders, insecurity, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, lack of sex drive, foot and/or leg pain

Symbol: lotus with 4 petals; triangle in the center pointing down signifying grounding to the earth

Color: red

Element: Earth

Location: base of the spine near coccyx

Healing Stones to balance, heal and cleanse the root chakra (place on chakra area while meditating): garnet, red jasper, red calcite, smoky quartz, obsidian, hematite

Essential Oils to support root chakra: rosewood, rosemary, sandalwood, cedar, clove, ginger

Organs connected to root chakra: vertebral column, feet, blood, legs, teeth, skeleton

Strengthening Root Chakra:   walk barefoot on dirt, grass, sand; sit and rest your back on a tree; Yoga poses: Shavasana, Tadasana (mountain pose), Virabhadrasana 1 (warrior 1)

I am a big fan of the Journey Junkie and she has put out a yoga flow for each chakra that I will share with each post.

Allie Van Fossen: The Journey Junkie Muladhara yoga flow

I am reading Wheels of Life, which is a great book that discusses the 7 chakras.  It seems to be the “bible” of chakras (affiliate link).

Yoga Journey Update

I know that you have been sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for my yoga journey update.  I am sorry that it’s been so long.  You can now carry on with your life because the update is here.  LOL!!

yoga mat

1 – I absolutely love my Yohola cork yoga mat (affiliate link).  There is nothing that I don’t like about this mat.  It is slip free and I mean NO slipping whatsoever.  Mine has beautiful watercolor designs, which I absolutely love.  They are made in SC, USA.  I can’t say enough about them.  I actually have 2 now; one that I leave at home and one that I take to the studio.  I own both of the Aura mats below:)

slow flow

2 – Slow flow is my jam.  I haven’t tried an all levels flow, but I love my slow flow and Yin classes.  Add essential oils and it is heaven!!

yoga with adriene

3 – Yoga with Adriene is the bomb-diggity of online yoga classes.  Her videos are what got me started in yoga.  I met her at Wanderlust in Boston and she was the sweetest soul with the best energy.  I can’t say enough about her.  She is currently doing a yoga tour called Find What Feels Good.  Love, love, love her!!

yoga studio

4 – I thought that I would be practicing yoga at home forever.  I then got a job as the social media liaison for a local yoga studio and my payment is unlimited yoga classes.  I am so glad that I put myself out there and started to do studio classes because I LOVE it and I’ve met a lot of great people.  Starting my practice at home and getting comfortable was key to my success at the studio.

a never-ending journey

5 – A yoga journey NEVER ends.   You will always be on a path of learning, growing, strengthening and discovering.  That is one of the things that I love about it because even though it is an ancient practice, I am learning and discovering new things every time I hit the mat.

Wanderlust 108 Boston for Yoga Lovers

I attended the Wanderlust 108 festival today in Boston and I can’t even express to you how awesome it was. It was supposed to rain all day and the bright sun came out giving a lovely glow all around the festival. The festival was held at the DCR Hatch Shell, which is where the Boston Pops perform on 4th of July. The setting could not have been more glorious and the energy was so positive and uplifting.

So let me go way back to before this festival came to town.  I was debating whether I was going to go.  I am a HUGE fan of Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and I follow her on Instagram and Facebook.  There was a post on her Instagram saying she was coming to Boston.  Wait!!!  What??!!  She’s coming HERE!!!  The post also said that if you emailed her “Find What Feels Good” peeps you would be put into consideration for a free ticket to the festival.  So after hyperventilating (not really), I sent off an email saying how much I loved Adriene and how she is the reason I got into yoga.

Well, I got an email back saying I was being offered a ticket.  Wow!!!  Not only was Adriene coming to Boston, but she gave me a ticket too.  So I headed down to Boston early this morning with me, myself and I.  I knew it was going to be a good day when I met some yogis in the parking garage and we all walked over to the festival together.  I checked in AND got a FRONT ROW SPOT for my mat.  Yesssssss!!!!


This was billed as a “Mindful Triathlon”, the first and only one ever.  The first leg of the triathlon was a 5k run/walk, which I couldn’t participate in because I have some hip issues.  If I did the 5k, I wouldn’t have been able to do yoga and yoga was my reason for being there.  While most people were 5k-ing, I visited the Kula market, which had lots of free samples, food, yoga inspired clothes & jewelry and the Adidas souvenir tent.  You didn’t even need to bring any food because there were so many free samples, including Late July and Yasso frozen yogurt.


Adriene did a 75-minute yoga class, which was so awesome.  I love her style and have done many of her Youtube videos at home so it was the perfect flow for me.  She is very knowledgeable and also very funny so I appreciated her addition of little jokes here and there.  Adriene is compassionate and accepting and wants everyone to be comfortable in their practice no matter what level they are at.  After her class, there was a 25 minute meditation by Enrique Collazo.  It was a perfect ending to the practice with the breeze blowing off the Charles River.  Just perfect!!!


After the meditation, Adriene made sure to take pictures and talk with all her fans.  She was humble, loving and just downright awesome.  So glad I got to interact with her.  If you haven’t experienced a Yoga with Adriene class, click here.  You will not be disappointed.

The Wanderlust 108 festival will be visiting Brooklyn and Washington, DC in September along with many worldwide locations.  If you love yoga, check it out.

Guest Post: My Yoga Journey – Who I Was and Where I Want to Be

Welcome to Lia Johnson-Baker from The Yogi Turtle.  She is doing a guest post on my blog.


Hi my inspiring people, my name is Lia and it’s honestly such an honor to write a guest piece for Kim. I’m excited to getting to know everyone and hopefully help the best way I can. I am an inspiring person and yogi with big, big dreams. I’ve been doing yoga for almost 2 years, and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the most life changing lifestyle I have ever done. Now I say one of, because I do a lot of things. Scuba dive, save sea turtles, play music. But yoga is one of the things that stick and balance out the other activities I do in my spare time. Yoga has made me more patient, open minded, more forgiving, and most of all inspiring person and yogi with big, big dreams.

I’ve been doing yoga for almost 2 years, and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the most life changing lifestyle I have ever done. Now I say one of because I do a lot of things. Scuba dive, save sea turtles, play music. But yoga is one of the things that stick and balance out the other activities I do in my spare time. Yoga has made me more patient, open minded, more forgiving, and most of all e who reads this, Where I was, and where I’m going.

first start

I first started getting into yoga around November 2015, It was a pretty cool studio called Apex. It was nerve racking at first, because of course, like everyone else that has tried yoga, or working out in general, you had to have muscles or be flexible before going in. Not the case at all, I could definitely feel the transition in energy when I came in those doors, tt was indescribable experience. Though the class was difficult for a beginner, it was one of the most memorable classes and I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried take a class at least once.

My awesome yoga instructor Ceiara Cartony is truly amazing, she’s very kind and patient and she has had a complex journey that she shares that is truly relatable. After that first class, I wanted to learn more so I started to take private lessons from her. It was then after a year I because advanced in my poses and I decided after I learned crow pose, I wanted to start a blog.

I wanted to get my story and journey out there because I feel like I can inspire people in where they want to go in life, or find out who they are as a person and how they can better themselves. It was difficult at first because I was still trying to figure out who I was (and still am) I’m more open to trying new things and experiment and be more open minded. The first leap of faith I did was starting my own blog. It may not be perfect but I feel like it’s me and my story and journey is out there.

the yogi turtle

After I created my blog, I wanted to find out more about other yogis, events, etc. That’s where Wanderlust came in. I took my first spontaneous trip to my neighbor state, GA and did my first 5k, tried vegan food and kombucha for the first time. This was something I never thought that I would be able to do 6 months ago and I would definitely do it again. I’d love to become a yoga instructor someday and help and give back to others the more I learn about myself.  

Getting into yoga and staying on that journey can be very difficult. Yoga is not just about the physical practice, that’s just the icing on the cake. There’s also being open and learning about the philosophy, finding your own path to where you want to go. I encourage to try at least once, and be open to it. It’s a wonderful experience and you definitely want to share it with others.   

That Yoga Journey? It Continues

That yoga journey…yeah the one I’ve written about several times on my blog…well it continues!!!  Every week I have learned something new about this wonderful body and soul exercise.  I am still a beginner, but I want to share the things I have learned in hopes that it helps other beginner or advanced yogis.

journey junkie

I continue to LOVE Yoga With Adriene…it has become my go-to and I can’t wait to do it each day.  A new find is The Journey Junkie, which is another great yoga website that has helpful Youtube yoga videos.  While Yoga with Adriene is very easy going and less structured…Allie from The Journey Junkie is a little more structured and a smidge more serious.  Each yoga instructor is a bit different, but they are both awesome in their own ways:)

As is the case with YWT, I learned about TJJ from a reader’s comment on my blog.  My blog readers have become my best resource!!!  The Journey Junkie has an awesome Facebook group called Live Your Journey.  You can join the group and get great daily inspiration, support and yoga education. It is such a positive, uplifting FB community.

yoga wheel

My newest tidbit of yoga news is the yoga wheel.  I learned about this prop from Live Your Journey and TJJ.  I haven’t purchased one yet, but have been researching them online.  If you haven’t heard of a yoga wheel, which I hadn’t heard of before last week, Allie has a great post on how to use them in your yoga practice.

photo from

mat spray

Finally, it you have or will be purchasing a yoga mat, you’ll definitely want to keep it clean and fresh smelling.  I do most of my yoga at home, but if you go to a yoga studio, you will be placing your mat on the floor where others have put their mats.  This means dirt, germs, and probably other yuck:(  I made this mat spray and I LOVE it.  It is all natural, smells wonderful and kills germs.  Give it a try…I use it for my yoga mat and my gym bag.

I hope that you are enjoying my yoga journey series as much as I am enjoying the actual journey.  The more I learn, the more I want to discover about yoga.  Finally, keep those comments and resources coming.

**this post contains an affiliate link**

My Continuing Yoga Journey

I recently wrote a post on the start of my yoga journey.  It’s been a couple weeks so I wanted to give an update since I’ve taken several more steps on my journey.  I hope this inspires others who are have been hesitant to try yoga to take the first steps on their journey.

Online Resources

First of all, one of my awesome readers mentioned that she did yoga with a Youtuber named Adriene.  I love when readers leave suggestions in the comments because it is helpful to me and I like to leave comments that are helpful to others.  It’s such a great community.  I gave Yoga with Adriene a look and now I am OBSESSED!!!  I feel like she is my new best friend…lol.

She is uplifting and chill.  I love her calm voice and playful nature.  The speed is just right…I can’t say enough about her awesomeness!!!  I am a kindergarten teacher and I have my students do yoga every day in class and I have incorporated some of Adriene’s shorter classes in our day.

Yoga Props

I have the tightest hips and IT bands on Earth.  My hip issues are the cause of said tightness.  I ordered some yoga blocks (affiliate link) which help support my legs in certain poses because I don’t have as much flexibility in those poses.  They are a life saver.


Yes, as I’ve said above, I need to modify some of the poses.  This is partly due to my hip issues and tightness AND partly because I’ve just started the yoga journey.  I know that once I become more familiar with the poses and strengthen and stretch the muscles, it will become easier.  I found some wonderful resources for modifications.

courtesy of Yoga Journal website

My FAVORITE active wear retailer Athleta has a blog where I found a great post with wonderful visuals and suggestions.   When I googled yoga modifications, I found some great images from Yoga Journal.  They were exactly what I was looking for and it was easier to find them in Google images than their actual website.  The Yoga Journal website has a plethora of information on yoga and is a great overall resource.

I will continue to update my journey here.  Most of all if you have any more suggestions or ideas, please keep them coming.  As a result of your comments, I have learned so much from my readers and love the community we have.  Thank you. Namaste.

My Yoga Journey

I have wanted start a yoga journey for quite awhile.  I took some yoga classes years ago and never went back to it due to, now realizing in hindsight, I wasn’t quite ready for the full journey.  It will be good for my body and soul, therefore, I have decided to dip my toe into the yoga pool. I cannot remember many of the poses so I feel that I am a beginning beginner.

One of the reasons that I haven’t been to a yoga class in forever is because I will feel embarrassment.  What if EVERYONE in the class knows all the poses hence I am the only one who doesn’t know them?  When I give it a second thought, however, I know that most yogis want to spread their love and knowledge of yoga so I shouldn’t be embarrassed.  If any group can be understanding of a beginner, it would be this group.

When I look for local classes, I have seen some beginning beginner classes, but they don’t fit into my schedule.  I want to start this journey NOW so I decided to do some research and take the first step.  Much needed information and supplies are a click or stretch away.  As a result of said research, I discovered some wonderful realities.


What do I need to start this wonderful journey?

Versatile clothes?  Yes!

Informational books?  Yes!

For the mind:  True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment

For the body:  Mindfulness Yoga

Especially relevant…helpful videos?  Yes!

Do Yoga With Me

My Yoga Journey Click To Tweet

Okay…no more excuses and full speed ahead.

Finally, I would love to know any resources that you cannot live without in regards to yoga.  Please tell me about any music you listen to,  essential oils you use, videos you follow…I want to hear about all your yoga non-negotiables.  A yoga journey update will be forthcoming.  Namaste.

A Happier You #5 – Guest Post from Balance Now Zen and Pow

Master Your Own Style of Meditation

I have Stephanie Helmers from Balance Now Zen and Pow as my guest poster.  She is the owner of  Zen and Pow studio and I wanted someone who knew about meditation to share their knowledge.  I feel that meditation is definitely part of being a happier you.

 Meditation. What does this word even mean? When you hear the word meditation, you probably envision a Buddhist monk sitting high up in the mountains on a cushion in complete stillness as he practices the Guyan mudra and chants the mantra, Om. Am I right? Well, that can definitely be some people’s reality of what meditation is for them, but probably not most. By definition, the verb ‘to meditate’ or’ meditating’ is,

“To think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.”


What I think this definition is lacking though, is the fact that meditation is for everyone, everywhere, and at any time! In my opinion, even the dictionary definition of meditation gives us the sort of image as I previously described. I do agree that it is a method of relaxation, most definitely. But it may not be spiritual or religious and it definitely does not need to include chanting or even silence. So, what then is meditation? My aim is that by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will come to understand that meditation is different for every single person. I also hope that you are interested in giving it a try incorporating it into your own life and making it your own–master your own style of meditation!

First of all, meditation is for everyone. As stated, I truly do believe that anyone can and should have a daily meditation practice. Why? Because it literally changes your brain. People who meditate think and perceive things differently than those that do not meditate. A book that I am currently reading, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, by Arianna Huffington, touches briefly on how meditation is a game changer for all, especially in avoiding work burnout in our busy modern world. She uses a plethora of various research throughout the book to back up her claims and even describes of a study that discovered how meditation can increase the thickness of the prefrontal cortex area of the brain and decrease the amount of thinning that occurs during aging. This, in turn, increases cognitive functions, such as, emotional and sensory processing in the brain. Furthermore, MRI’s were actually used to study the brains of Tibetan monks and they found the previous claim to be true that meditation is mental training for the brain and those that partake in meditation have shown to have noticeable changes within their mind body connection.

Not only does meditation change your brain, physically, but it also helps one to stay calm in situations of stress, refocus the mind, and ultimately, allows you to take time for yourself! How often do you find yourself stressed out at work or maybe in school and just need a few minutes to refocus and catch your breath? That is exactly the time to meditate! Meditation is also proven to promote positive emotions, such as compassion, gratitude, joy, kindness, as well as increase self-esteem and confidence. In fact, for this reason, meditation is often used to help those that suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Meditation is also being used by large companies today to help employees become more positive and productive while creating a sense of calm within the work place.

Are you convinced yet that meditation is for you? Maybe you’re thinking now, where would I meditate though and when should I meditate? The answer to these are completely up to you! You could meditate in your room, in your bed, in a space at work, in your car, while you take a shower, while you are on a walk, outside in your yard, on your front porch, on vacation somewhere beautiful, etc. The list goes on and on and on because there is no right or wrong answer! Do you need a meditation cushion–NO! Absolutely not, although they have some really pretty ones out there on the internet, of which I would love to add to my own mediation space. But, truthfully, it’s not necessary. You can meditate literally anywhere that you want to create a sense of inner calm and stillness. Ultimately, somewhere that is not distracting to you.

And what about the time of day? Again, up to you! You could meditate first thing in the morning, you could meditate on your lunch break, in the afternoon, or in the evening before bed. Whatever works best with your schedule, as long as you try to keep it consistent. Some people find it best to do it first thing in the morning to get their day off to a good start, while others prefer it before bed to unwind and relax before they fall asleep. Do what is best for you!

Another question may be, do I need to meditate for an hour or a few minutes–how long should I spend meditating each day? Essentially, meditation is a practice. Did you catch that? Just like yoga, playing a sport, or playing an instrument–Meditation is a practice. This concept is so very important to understand! I suggest beginners start with 5 minute meditations a day for 3-4 weeks. After you have done this consistently each day (or pretty close to each day) for 3-4 weeks, you can begin to increase the time you spend in meditation to maybe 15-20 minutes. Overall, you need to do what is best for you and your schedule. If you only have 3 minutes, then that 3 minutes is better than no time spent in meditation. Do what you can daily, even if it is a short amount of time–I guarantee you won’t regret it!

So maybe by now you’re thinking, okay I think I could do this and benefit from the act of mediation, but how do I do it? Am I supposed to just sit in silence and pretend to be in deep thought? Although you may feel like this at first, it will get better, I promise! I still cannot believe how antsy I was at first, but with some persistence I have improved tremendously and look forward to my meditation practice daily! I started out with guided meditation podcasts, such as Meditation Oasis. They have some great music and audios to walk you through a mediation specific to an emotion or event in your life that you want to focus on. I still use these guided meditations from time to time, but I have found myself getting better at meditating without them. I enjoy playing quiet yoga music sometimes and other times I enjoy complete silence, it really just depends on my mood and how I’m feeling that day .

Another addition to my meditation practice is the use of essential oils. I love to turn on my diffuser or just simply apply the oils directly to my wrists or temple to help me dive deeper into the feelings and sensations that I am meditating on that day. Some of my favorite essential oils to mediate with include combinations of, lavender, frankincense, peppermint, and rosemary. Essential oils, such as lavender, help calm me down. Peppermint and Rosemary help to make me more alert and focused. Frankincense is said to strengthen spirituality and connection to your crown chakra, plus I also like the scent of it. I love the use of the oils with my meditation because it livens my senses while I focus on my breathing.

Furthermore, you can use stones to meditate, but it is not required. I am just learning more about crystal stones for healing and use a few myself for my meditation. These include, fluorite, moonstone, howlite, and amethyst. Fluorite is said to balance the crown and third eye chakra in order to clear tension headaches (as I suffer from horrible migraines), calms an overactive mind (perfect for meditation), and can lower levels of tension within your home. Moonstone focuses on balancing the third eye and solar plexus chakras in order to activate intuition, balance ida (female) and pingala (male) energies, and draws out any old emotional patterns. This is the stone known as “The Goddess Stone”. Howlite is said to balance the third eye chakra in order to help encourage authenticity, open the mind in order for it to receive inner wisdom, absorb any emotions of anger directed towards you from others, create a sense of calm and reasoned communication, and formulate ambitions for both spiritual and material. Lastly, amethyst is also said to help balance the third eye and crown chakra and is known as “The Healer’s Stone” to help open doors to spiritual experiences, improving concentration and sleep habits, protecting one from negativity, and again, alleviating migraines and headaches. If I am using these stones for meditation, I usually just hold them in my hands while I meditate. There are many others ways you can use specific stones, this is just the most basic way to simply incorporate them if you want to do so.

As you can see, my focus lately has been a lot on the solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakra so far this new year. This can also be strengthened through a mantra. I encourage my yoga students at my studio to chose a mantra or intension for our beginning meditations that they can carry this with them through our yoga practice and on into the rest of their day. Some of you may even be familiar or have heard of mala beads, used in meditating on a mantra. I have a beautiful set of chakra mala beads that I enjoy using when I have a very strong mantra I want to meditate on. My main mantra so far this new year has been, “I am strong, determined, and focused.” It has carried me so far through many challenges I have faced in my business and dealing with stress and negative energies.

Lastly, some people enjoy creating a designated space for their meditation practice, but again that is totally optional. I never really had the intension of doing so, but found myself gravitating towards one main space and ended up adding small items to create a meditation altar one piece at a time. It has actually been very enjoyable collecting items for my meditation altar as they come into my life. Mine is pictured below and looks out my front window. It includes some candles, an oil burner, my mala beads, crystal stones, some essential oils, my chakra banner, and my yoga mat with a chakra blanket. Some of these items have even been given to me as gifts and I loved adding them piece by piece.

IMG_6070 IMG_6640

Now that you understand some of the benefits of meditation, where and when you should meditate, and other aspects you can add slowly to increase and strengthen your meditation practice, let’s talk about how to start if you’re a beginner.

  1. Figure out a calm and non-distracting space for you
  2. Find a comfy position, could be seated or lying down
  3. Find a relaxed position for your hands, if I’m sitting I enjoy to stack my hands palms up and rest them on my lap
  4. Gently close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath
  5. Begin to calm your mind by focusing on reciting a mantra, playing yoga music, using a guided meditation audio, or being in complete silence, always come back to your breath and/or mantra when your mind becomes distracted. This is naturally going to happen! The whole point of meditation is to quiet the mind and always go back to the breath when you realized you’ve wandered off, without judgment of yourself.
  6. Once you’ve complete your meditation for 3-5 minutes (increasing length of time whenever you feel ready), notice how you feel and if your body has been swept with a sense of calm and stillness. If not, maybe you need to stay in meditation longer and as explained, it will come more naturally to you the more you practice!
  7. Once finishing the meditation, come out slowly. You could even jot down a few notes in a journal reflecting on your practice, how you felt, whether you were completely engaged that day or had trouble focusing. It is important to track your progress and understand that every day will be different.
  8. Do a few stretches coming out of the meditation and return to your day with a newfound sense of calm and positive energy that you took a few minutes out of your busy day to help rebalance and refocus yourself. YOU made time for YOU.

Are you ready to give this a try? If so, click here  for a beginner’s guided meditation recorded by yours truly. For even more guided meditations found on my website, click here.   Leave a comment letting me know how this meditation practice went for you, I would love to hear about your experience! I hope you begin to incorporate the practice of meditation into your daily routine and begin to feel the benefits it can offer you and your mind body connection. Remember, meditation is a practice and it’s your practice. Continue to master your own style of meditation. Peace and love. Namaste.