Healthy Dessert: A Love Story

Let’s cut to the chase…have you tried Halo Top ice cream?  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  I had heard about this delectable, healthy dessert, but had never tried it.  I bought a pint last weekend and I am OBSESSED.

What makes Halo Top healthy???  See below direct from the Halo Top website.


so where’s the sugar?

In short, we use organic stevia. Stevia is a plant native to Paraguay that’s been used to sweeten foods and beverages for more than 200 years. And, because it’s so tasty, we use it as a sugar replacement. We also use Erythritol, which though it has a rather scientific-sounding name, is actually another all-natural sweetener found in fruits like pears and grapes. Though it’s technically a sugar alcohol, it’s unlike the others because erythritol doesn’t affect blood glucose or cause bloating.

This product is also a great source of protein…24 grams per pint for all flavors.  These are the nutrition facts from the mint chocolate chip flavor.

Flavors include vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon cake, mint chip, pistachio – all 240 calories per pint; strawberry, chocolate mocha chip, birthday cake, sea salt caramel, oatmeal cookie, chocolate almond crunch, black cherry – all 280 calories per pint; peanut butter cup, cookies and cream, s’mores – all 320 calories per pint; chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet – both 360 calories per pint.

I have tried mint chip, birthday cake, and oatmeal cookie…LOVE them all.  The name of each flavor perfectly describes the taste and cannot wait to try the others.  I was also excited to try cookies and cream, but was disappointed.  It tasted NOTHING like cookies and cream:(

I am receiving no compensation or products for this post.  I reached out to the company and they said that there are occasional coupons if you sign up for their newsletter on their website.  You can all find giveaways on their Facebook page.

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The ONLY drawback that I found was that when I ate a whole pint of mint chip at one sitting (which is less calories than 1 cup of some full fat ice creams), I had some stomach distress.  I can be sensitive to milk protein so getting ALL that protein at once didn’t work for my digestion.  I then ate 1/2 of the container the next time I bought it and I was fine.  Just wanted everyone to know about that in case you too have milk protein sensitivity.


Five Health/Wellness-Themed Books You Will Love

I am a sucker for a great health/wellness book.  I have read numerous books and have gotten a little something from each one of them.  I don’t always agree with everything the author says, but if I can take away a few healthy ideas…I feel it is time well spent reading the book.  *This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions of the books are my own.  When I find something useful, I want to let others know about it so that they can share in the great ideas.


1- It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig  this is by the creators of the Whole 30 movement.  This is a good example of not agreeing with EVERYTHING an author says.  There are tons of great ideas and eye opening information in this book.  I don’t follow the Whole 30, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this book.

2 – Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels – I love all of Jillian’s books.  I’ve read all of them.  I have learned a little something from each book.  If you are a JM fan, you’ll love it.  It’s very easy to read and you can just hear her in your head reading it to you.

3 – Flexible Dieting by Scott James – I was introduced to flexible dieting/IIFYM (if it fits your macros) earlier this year.  I had a lot of success with it and I NEVER felt deprived.  There are a lot of books out there about this topic and I liked this one because it was a book and recipe book.  It makes a lot of sense AND it is not really a diet, it’s a change in eating habits that you can use all the time.

4 – Exercise Every Day by SJ Scott – Practical, easy to follow ideas for getting into a exercise habit.

5 – Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin – This book is by the wildly successful Happiness Project.  It talks about starting good and breaking bad habits.  Easy to read and insightful.

What’s on your must read list?

Five Motivators to Help You Work Out around the Holidays

So, in keeping with my 5 theme this month, I writing about 5 ways to keep motivated to work out during the holiday season.  It can get so busy around the holidays, but we are usually also taking in a lot more calories.  If you keep up with your workouts, those treats won’t add up.

1 – Put workout clothes in your car and go straight to the gym from work.  I know that if I sit down after work and start doing something, I will NOT work out.  If I am going to go to a class, I put my workout clothes in the car and go straight to the gym or studio.  If I am going to workout at home, I get home, put on my workout clothes and get right on the elliptical.


2 – Join an online challenge or studio challenge.  I have seen many online challenges where you need to workout each day or do a certain exercise every day.  Personally, they keep me focused and I am pretty competitive so I want to complete the challenge.  Currently, my barre studio has a challenge of 15 classes in 31 days and you can win prizes.  That can also keep your eyes on the prize:)


3 – Get a workout partner.  If you can find another like minded person who will go with you to workout, it can make it easier.  You won’t want to disappoint them and they won’t want to disappoint you so it will keep you going.  You can even agree to get coffee or go shopping after your workout so it will be healthy and social at the same time.


4 – Get yourself some new workout clothes.  Who doesn’t love showing off a new outfit?  The same goes for new workout clothes.  You can find great deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other times before/during the holidays.  I got some workout capris on clearance and can’t wait to wear them to a class.


5 – Sign up on the Pact App.  You can get the Pact app and sign up for a set amount of workouts a week.  You get paid for following through with the workouts you signed up for.  If you don’t workout, you have to pay the app.  I have been doing the Pact app since March 2014 and I have NEVER paid a dime, I’ve only made money.  I LOVE it.


What motivates you to work out??

Eat Healthy


True and true.  You should not diet!  It ruins your metabolism.  It is not permanent weight loss.  It makes you cranky.  It is not healthy.  All these ads that bombard us every day, all day in the media makes us think that…if you eat this food on this plan…your problems and extra pounds will disappear.  Tell extra pounds may disappear temporarily, but once you’re off their program, the pound come back.  It’s the truth no matter how you look at it.

Another truth is that if you change your eating habits and lifestyle, it is healthy.  It doesn’t ruin your metabolism.  It is permanent weight loss.  You feel better and are in a better mood.  Yay!! Let’s go with that option.  PLEASE don’t say, “I’m on a diet.”  If you friends ask you if you are on a diet say, “No…I’m permanently changing my eating habits.”  We need to get the word out to society…please:)

I have been doing the 21 Day Fix and many tweets, stories, FB posts all say it is just another “diet”.  It isn’t…it teaches you how to make better choices and portion your food.  America has an unbelievably warped view of what a serving size is.  Super size…jumbo…big gulp…whatever you want to call it…it’s unhealthy.  Once you use the program and make those choices and portions a habit, you are on your way to that permanent eating habit.  Is this the only program that works??  Absolutely not.  Is it a program that works if you stick to it?  Yes.  Can you maintain it as a lifestyle?   Yes to that to.

I did a IIFYM program (if it fits your macros) and it worked too.  In that program, you have to stay within your macro count for fat, protein, carbs, fiber and it is very maintainable and it also works.  I feel that I do a combo of the IIFYM and 21 Day Fix.  I’d even say that 21 Day Fix is a twist on IIFYM.  So make that eat habit change…do it a little at a time and you’ll definitely see results.  If you’d like info on the 21 Day Fix, I will gladly answer any questions you may have.  Thanks for stopping by and have a healthy day:)