My A-HA Moment: A Chain Reaction

I’ve been working on some personal issues lately.  I had some huge losses in my life as a teenager, which I am realizing now have followed me into middle adulthood.   As I work through them, I have had some realizations and A-HA moments all over the place.  I will start with a first A-HA moment that have led to a chain reaction of others.

First of all, the loss that I experienced as a teenager was the loss of my parents within a five month span.  I can remember as a child that I always worried that my parents might die and that worse case scenario actually came true.  Now I realize that I immediately go to the worse case scenario when issues arise in my life because at the one time, the worse case scenario DID come true.  So that is my starting point.

I have issues with my supervisor.  In my head, I go to the worse case scenario because of my history.  I have nothing to prove that some of the things I assume from her actions are true, but I still go THERE…to the worse case scenario.  Okay…so I understand why I go to that extreme now what do I do?  Here is where the other A-HAs have come into play.

a-ha moment #1

I bought a book several months ago The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein (affiliate link).  I was cleaning out a shelf….putting some books on and I came across that book.  Since I just finished another self-care book, I thought I’d start reading my find.  The introduction of the book talked about “freedom from fear so you can return to peace”.  Reference was made to the fact that even though we want to feel better and improve ourselves, we are stuck in our patterns of negativity because it is what we know and we don’t want to venture out into the unknown.   Truth!!!  My interpretation of this is LET IT GO.

a-ha moment #2

I have numerous podcasts that I subscribe to and have started to listen to them during my commute, which I haven’t done in months.  I subscribe to The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson.  There are about 60 episodes in my queue…yikes.  I decided to listen to the oldest episode in the queue from February 2016…Mind Over Medicine with Dr. Lissa Rankin.  She talks about how she was a traditional medical doctor and felt like she was drowning in the managed medical world.  Her schedule went from meeting with 25 patients a day to 40, which gave her 7-1/2 minutes with each patient.

She quit and decided to go into a more naturopathic practice where she could meet with each patient for an hour.  Dr. Rankin said she wasn’t even prescribing medicine, but just listening to patients because she had the time and they were healing!!!!  The process of her listening put the patients into a relaxation response which improved the healing process.  Another truth…having the relaxation response makes us feel better.  My interpretation of this…again…LET IT GO.

a-ha moment #3

While perusing my podcasts, I looked for a mediation podcast and found Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton.  I LOVE this podcast.  I’ve wanted to incorporate meditation into my wellness repertoire for a long time and this was just what I needed.  I chose episode 9:  Meditation to Let Worries and Stress Drift Away.  This guided meditation talked about thinking of all your worries as a balloon that you let just drift away…truth #3.  My interpretation of this…you guessed it…LET IT GO.

So I guess I’m going to make like Elsa/Anna and LET IT GO!!!  I felt like all these messages from the universe were synchronized to point me in the right direction towards healing myself.  What are your go-to, self-healing resources??  I’d love to hear about your successes.

A Happier You #10 – Sleep Smarter review

sleep smarter pinterest

Who doesn’t love falling into a comfy bed each night to get a good night’s sleep?  We may all love the notion of a good night’s sleep, but many people don’t get the life affirming sleep that they need.  Enter the Sleep Smarter book by Shawn Stevenson.  I was honored to be chosen to be on the pre-launch team for this book, which is being released on March 15, 2016.  I first discovered Shawn on his podcast The Model Health Show.  I found his podcast to be fascinating and uplifting.  He is so knowledgeable in so many different areas.


Sleep Smarter Quote of the Day

The book is very easy to read and very easy to follow.  It gives a lot of the science behind a good night’s sleep, but in way that is informative and intriguing. I learned so much and I like that he didn’t just say, “Do this for a good night’s sleep.”  He gave the science and reasoning behind all his information.  He also throws in a little comic relief too.

Sleep Smarter Quote of the Day-2

I have included quotes from throughout the book that found to be powerful and educational.  No matter how much sleep we think we get, we can probably get more quality sleep and longer sleep.  I have tried several of the tips from the book and have noticed an improvement already.  If you order this book before the release day, you will be able to get some great, free goodies…well worth just the price of the book.  Read the book and see how you can Sleep Smarter!!
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What are your surefire ways to get a better night’s sleep?