My Yoga Journey

I have wanted start a yoga journey for quite awhile.  I took some yoga classes years ago and never went back to it due to, now realizing in hindsight, I wasn’t quite ready for the full journey.  It will be good for my body and soul, therefore, I have decided to dip my toe into the yoga pool. I cannot remember many of the poses so I feel that I am a beginning beginner.

One of the reasons that I haven’t been to a yoga class in forever is because I will feel embarrassment.  What if EVERYONE in the class knows all the poses hence I am the only one who doesn’t know them?  When I give it a second thought, however, I know that most yogis want to spread their love and knowledge of yoga so I shouldn’t be embarrassed.  If any group can be understanding of a beginner, it would be this group.

When I look for local classes, I have seen some beginning beginner classes, but they don’t fit into my schedule.  I want to start this journey NOW so I decided to do some research and take the first step.  Much needed information and supplies are a click or stretch away.  As a result of said research, I discovered some wonderful realities.


What do I need to start this wonderful journey?

Versatile clothes?  Yes!

Informational books?  Yes!

For the mind:  True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment

For the body:  Mindfulness Yoga

Especially relevant…helpful videos?  Yes!

Do Yoga With Me

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Okay…no more excuses and full speed ahead.

Finally, I would love to know any resources that you cannot live without in regards to yoga.  Please tell me about any music you listen to,  essential oils you use, videos you follow…I want to hear about all your yoga non-negotiables.  A yoga journey update will be forthcoming.  Namaste.

OOTD: Affordable Fitness Style

I LOVE new workout clothes.  There is so much fun fitness style out there now and I get motivated to do my workouts when I have a new fitness OOTD.  Many brands of workout clothes are quite expensive and not worth their price.  There are also brands that are cheap, and there is a reason why they cheap…they just don’t last.  I have found some quality workout clothes that look great and don’t break the bank.


My absolute favorite brand of sneakers is Asics.  They fit my foot the best and are great quality.  There are so many great styles and colors to choose from.  Almost all of my sneakers have come from the Asics website.  They have an unbelievable clearance section with a great range of sizes.  I wear an 11 or 11-1/2 women’s sneaker and they always have my size in stock. Most noteworthy, free shipping and returns.


Athleta is my absolute favorite place to get leggings.  The quality is fabulous.  There is a huge selection of prints, colors, thicknesses, lengths and sizes.  I have an Athleta store near me and they always have items on their clearance rack.  If you have a GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Athleta charge card, you can earn reward points for purchases.  The reward points accumulate into $5 credits that you can use at any of that family of stores.  If you find something on the clearance rack AND, in addition, use the credits you earn, you can get quite a deal.  I recently found the cutest sports bra on the sale rack, too.  The website also has a sale section, but sometimes there isn’t a huge selection of sizes.  You can also find plus and petite sizes on the website.

** Side note: C9 leggings/tights from Target were voted #1 by Good Housekeeping for durability, quality and fit.


If you want a no-nonsense, supportive, long-lasting sports bra, you should go to Old Navy.   In addition, I love that they have removable padding….key feature.  They have gotten cuter styles recently, but a lot of the cuter styles have low support.  I have had some of these bras for several years and they have held up very well.  I have no complaints whatsoever.  Furthermore, you can also use those reward credits for these purchases.


I recently went shopping at the GAP and I love the GapFit section.  The fabric that the tanks are made of is so soft and hangs well on the body…not too clingy, not too loose.  LOVE them.  Again, hit that clearance rack and got some tanks for a STEAL.  I will definitely be visiting that clearance rack when I need, or WANT, some new tanks.  Reward credits can be use here too.

Most of all, I hope you found some useful finds in this post.  I am so happy to share fabulous finds with others and  I’d love to hear about your go-to workout wear brands…brick and mortar locations OR online merchandisers.

Finally, here is an Athleta link for $20 off $100 if you want to receive an even bigger discount.  ***affiliate link***

A Happier You #1 – Ultimate Coffee Date/January 2016

Just saw this fun monthly blog party and just had to part of it.  I love the posts that I read and felt that it was something that I wanted to join.

The Ultimate Coffee Date
If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I got about $70 worth of Dunkin Donuts gift cards from the students in my class…I teach kindergarten.  Do they know something about what teachers need or what??
If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I went to the Winter Classic game – Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens.  It was a lot of fun, however it was not the outcome I was looking for.  I am a huge Bruins fan and was very disappointed that they lost.  It was still fun to spend the time with my son and husband.
If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I bought some new Athleta capris from the after Christmas sale and they are AWESOME…I can’t wait to go spinning tomorrow and wear them!!!!
If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I did a 75 minute spinning class last week (okay…so I signed up for it by mistake, but LOVED it) and burned 910 calories…wooooooo!!!!  I spin at a studio that sends you your stats after the ride so that you can see your progress.  Also, the app that I use to sign up for the class connects to my Fitbit and tells me how many calories I burn.  This is a more accurate count than the stats from the bike because I have the Fitbit Charge HR, which monitors your heart rate.  Heart rate gives you the most accurate calorie burn count…not exact, but much more accurate than the monitor on the bike.  My Fitbit calorie burn is always more than the stats that are emailed to me. keep-calm-and-go-spinning-14
Thanks for letting me be part of this awesome coffee party.
What would you share if we were having coffee??

Five Motivators to Help You Work Out around the Holidays

So, in keeping with my 5 theme this month, I writing about 5 ways to keep motivated to work out during the holiday season.  It can get so busy around the holidays, but we are usually also taking in a lot more calories.  If you keep up with your workouts, those treats won’t add up.

1 – Put workout clothes in your car and go straight to the gym from work.  I know that if I sit down after work and start doing something, I will NOT work out.  If I am going to go to a class, I put my workout clothes in the car and go straight to the gym or studio.  If I am going to workout at home, I get home, put on my workout clothes and get right on the elliptical.


2 – Join an online challenge or studio challenge.  I have seen many online challenges where you need to workout each day or do a certain exercise every day.  Personally, they keep me focused and I am pretty competitive so I want to complete the challenge.  Currently, my barre studio has a challenge of 15 classes in 31 days and you can win prizes.  That can also keep your eyes on the prize:)


3 – Get a workout partner.  If you can find another like minded person who will go with you to workout, it can make it easier.  You won’t want to disappoint them and they won’t want to disappoint you so it will keep you going.  You can even agree to get coffee or go shopping after your workout so it will be healthy and social at the same time.


4 – Get yourself some new workout clothes.  Who doesn’t love showing off a new outfit?  The same goes for new workout clothes.  You can find great deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other times before/during the holidays.  I got some workout capris on clearance and can’t wait to wear them to a class.


5 – Sign up on the Pact App.  You can get the Pact app and sign up for a set amount of workouts a week.  You get paid for following through with the workouts you signed up for.  If you don’t workout, you have to pay the app.  I have been doing the Pact app since March 2014 and I have NEVER paid a dime, I’ve only made money.  I LOVE it.


What motivates you to work out??

5 More Christmas Gifts that Fitness/Nutrition Enthusiasts will Love

My last post about Christmas gifts for fitness/nutrition enthusiasts went over well, so I decided to add 5 more gifts.  The Amazon listing is an affiliate site, but all the other items are simply items I love and I get no money from promoting them.

1 – Workout Clothes – My absolute favorite place to get workout clothes is Athlete. It is a parent company to the Gap and Old Navy so if you have a charge card to one of those stores, you can also use it at Athleta.  Their website is great…they always have items on sale.  You earn rewards for Old Navy purchases and you can use those rewards at Athleta.  They have a great selection, great quality and the prices are reasonable; way cheaper than Lululemon and a little more than Old Navy.  Also, if you aren’t an XS, it has real sizes for real women.


2 – Water Bottle – My favorite water bottle is from Motivational Bottle.  I love water bottles with straws and they have those.  Also, it has marks on the side of the bottle that keeps you on track for drinking enough water.  They also have standard water bottles, infuser bottles, snap top bottles…you will definitely find one that you like.  I also love the motivational sayings on each bottle.

000003 000001

3 – Spin Shoes – If you are a spin enthusiast, you MUST get yourself a pair of spin/bike shoes.  They make the ride so much better and so much more comfortable.  The ability to clip in to the pedals really elevates your spin workout.  I got mine at REI.  I am fortunate enough to have a store 10 minutes away and they ALWAYS have awesome deals on their sale/clearance shelves.  They also have an outlet page on their website, which also has great deals.  If you become a member, you can a 20% off coupon several times a year and that can be used on a pair of full price shoes.  Definitely worth the investment.  If you don’t know your spin enthusiast’s size,  an REI gift card will work, too.


4 – Ipad Stand for Recipes – If you love Pinterest or other recipe collection sites online AND you don’t want to print out all those recipes, get an iPad recipe stand.  The one below is great because it has a stylus that you can store below the iPad and it won’t get messy from what you are cooking.

5 – Flexible Dieting Cookbook – I have had great success with Flexible Dieting/IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros).  If you are tired of “dieting” and want to change your eating habits, this is for you.  I don’t even like calling it dieting because it is not temporary.  It is a way to eat to become healthy and is very satisfying  AND no food is off limits.

What will you buy for the fitness/nutrition enthusiast on your list??

November Fitness Blogging Challenge – OOTD

This was a post from a challenge I did in October.  Since it is a workout outfit, I decided to recycle it and use if for the fitness blogging challenge.

My OOTD is a workout outfit because I went to a spin class first thing this morning.

OOTD-2 copy

*I get all my sports bras at Old Navy because they have removeable padding and they come in lots of patterns and colors.

*My favorite place to buy workout clothes is Athleta because of the range of sizes, quality of clothing and styles of clothing.  It is part of the Gap/Old Navy family so I can use my Old Navy card and earn reward points.  They also have great online sales and clearance sales.

*I got these Nike capris at Kohls.  I loved the pattern, but was a little disappointed at the checkout.  I received a 30% coupon for having a Kohls charge and when I went to checkout the cashier said that the 30% was not good for Nike.  The coupons used to be good on EVERYTHING, but they now have rules like the other stores that stipulate you can’t use their coupon on any name brands.  After all the name brands are taken out of the mix, there isn’t much left.  This made me really sad.


*My spin shoes were from the REI online outlet.  They have great prices in the online outlet.  You can get last season’s (or several seasons ago) products for super-low prices.  I really didn’t care about the brand of spin shoes; I just got a pair that were inexpensive and fit well.

spin shoes

So that’s my OOTD…if you are looking for workout clothes, check out the links I included:)  I am all about the deep discount so you can find some great deals.