Ten Things of Thankful 9/5


LOVE doing this list every week…in no particular order ūüôā

1 – I got a regular “gig” as a positive lifestyle writer on a blog that is coming out in October/November…thank you Cat Crawford for believing in me and including me….so excited

2 – School started and I survived the first 4 days…I should really put this on the list as #2, 3, 4, & 5, but I’ll just give it one spot

3 – I got great books from my partner in the Books-n-Bloggers swap. ¬†I’ll review them in a later post


4 – My new theme song is Keep Your Head Up by Snoopy..JK…by Andy Grammar…not a NEW song, but great lyrics and very upbeat and motivating.


5 – I have been texting positive sayings to some of my co-workers every morning. We all decided we’re done with the negativity and we want to concentrate on positive thoughts and energy. ¬†It makes me feel good and they love it too. ¬†(One of them is above this paragraph.)

6 – Got this response for sending above mentioned texts:)


7 – My guest post on Sparking Thought.com¬†was published…thanks so much Brittany



9 РI texted out pictures of my students on their first day of kindergarten to their parents and I got a lot of nice responses back.  It made them feel good, which in turn made me feel good that they felt good??

10 – I know I write this every week, but I am thankful for it every week…writing this post. ¬†It ALWAYS makes me happy:)

Ten Things of Thankful

Guest Post – The Petite Mrs.

The Petite Mrs
I was paired up with Nora from The Petite Mrs….this was her guest post on my blog.
20150902_115418 IMG_20150723_204937

This week I have Nora Spaulding from The Petite Mrs. guest posting on my blog.

What  does your blog focus on??                                                                                  My blog focuses on lifestyle and the day to day basis of our lives. I blog about all sorts of things really, recipes, DIYs, pets, linkups or about me posts and some personal stories too that I think will help others.

What motivates you??
I think the thing that motivates me is getting done. Because I do enjoy writing, a lot actually… but I’m a notorious half-way kinda person. I love to start but have trouble focusing or forgetting to finish posts, projects or errands. I am working on that by being much more diligent and blogging daily in September and truly carving out daily time for it.
What is your favorite way to handle stress??
I love to listen to music to mellow out. I enjoy a good hot shower or bath soak with bubbles. I crave anything sweet and sour, I’m a candy-oholic. Being with my husband and friends is always a lot of fun and so is just meditating and focusing on my breath.
What is your favorite go to healthy food/snack/meal??
Veggies! I love munching on them. I will often pickup a veggie platter and eat the whole thing over a day or two. Or salads loaded up with everything I like (trying not to overdo the dressings). I also like Panera and Sweet Tomatoes salad bar, if I go out as a semi-healthier option, I never feel sick or too full from there.
What is something that readers may not know about you, but you want them to know it??
I started blogging because I got married and I didn’t have a hobby, nothing at all. I’ve only been blogging for 5 years and I’m just now focusing on making my space the best it can be for you and I both. But I continue to blog and share more personal things because I know I can help someone else in a bunch of stressful and traumatic situations through my life- I just want to share and I love when people relate to me.
What is one crazy, fun fact you know??
Officials in Portland, Ore., drained 8 million gallons of water from a reservoir in 2011 because a buzzed 21-year-old peed in it.- I know this because I live here and heard about it on the news…

Ten Things of Thankful 8/29


1 – Trader Joe’s Beet Hummus:  sooooo good…if you love beets….need I say more!!

2 – My classroom is 95% complete and ready for the new students next week.


3 – I have the BEST school neighbor, the art teacher….we are both on a journey to become more positive and happy this year!!!  It’s great to have someone as your confidant.


4 – I still have 4 days left of summer vacation + we have off Friday 9/4 off…yes


5 –  Went to see Emily Kinney in concert…she played Beth in The Walking Dead..she was really good!!!  Also saw some of the other actors from TWD because it was a Walker Stalker convention.

6 – To continue on with #5, Fear the Walking Dead premiered on Sunday.  Another show to DVR on Sunday nights and then make sure no one tells me about on Monday…love the new (and old) show.

7 – I probably say this every week, but I LOVE this blog.  Always get great, supportive, positive comments.  So uplifting..thanks TTOT community!!

8 – I have been writing in a gratitude journal every night before going to bed.  It is so empowering and just makes you feel so good.  Trying to continue to hardwire that happiness…focus on the good and really be present in it instead of taking it for granted.

IMG_5561 IMG_5564 IMG_5563

9 – www.mystickyquotes.com…got these sticky notes that have motivational sayings on them.  So awesome…you can stick them to your bathroom mirror, you computer screen, put them in lunches or students’ work.  Such a great idea (I was sent them for free to share on social media, but they are something that I would buy and use all the time anyway).  LOVE the positive messages.  Check out the website:)

10 – I got my Books N Bloggers partner this week…can’t wait to send out my book picks for her and then receive mine in return.  I love giving people little surprises that make their day.  She prefers ebooks, as do I, so she wouldn’t be getting a physical package so I’m going to send a little care package too:)

Have a great week!!!

Ten Things of Thankful

10 Awesome, Free Online Workouts


Wow the internet can be overwhelming, can’t it?? It’s a blessing and a curse…so much information, but too much information. I am going to help you sort out at least one of the millions of subjects out there. I have seen and tried many free online workouts. I, myself, need to have a video attached because when I just see a picture and written description, I get confused. If I haven’t done or seen the exercise before, I need to see it being done. All the links I have added include video.  They are all online so if you go on vacation or a business trip, they are easily accessible on your phone, iPad or laptop.   I hope that they are useful to you. They are in no particular order.

  1.  7 Day Summer Arms Challenge – I know that it is called a summer arm challenge, but you can do it any time of year.  Okay…I have to admit…this IS my favorite.
  2. Toned Triceps in 3 Moves – You can easily work these 3 moves into your day and will get toned triceps out of the deal.
  3. Commercial Break Workout – Another workout that you can easily fit into your day and you won’t even miss your favorite television show.
  4. Upper Body Strength – I know that I need to work on upper body strength the most and these are moves that you may even be able to do at work during the day.
  5. Daily Burn – I am putting this on the list as free because you can try it free for 30 days.  I LOVE Bob Harper so that got me to try it.  What I like about it is there are so many trainers and workouts to choose from.  You won’t get bored with the same workout daily/weekly and if you don’t like a particular trainer, you can just watch a different video.   You can modify it to your fitness level and if you do decide to sign up for it, it is reasonably priced.
  6. 15 Minute Core Workout – I found this one on the SparkPeople website, which has so much information on it.  You have to watch an ad before the video plays, which may deter some people.  It does get the job done.
  7. 5 Minute Core/Stability Ball Workout – Did you say 5 minutes???  You can do anything for 5 minutes, can’t you??  Another SparkPeople video.
  8. 10 Minute Best Butt Workout – 10 minutes??  Almost as good as 5 minutes and who doesn’t want the BEST butt.
  9. Beginner Yoga Stretching – Yoga is so good for you.  I have arthritis in my hip from a childhood injury so stretching is very important to me.  It is calming and makes you feel great.
  10. Shaun T. 5 minute Fat Blasting Workout – There’s that 5 minutes again…and Shaun T is such a motivating trainer.

I hope that you find at least one workout that becomes a staple in your workout routine.  There are millions of workout videos out there and it takes time to find a trainer that you really connect with and feel motivated by.  I do a lot of gym-based workouts, but I like to have some for home in case I can’t get to the gym.  Remember a 5 or 10 minute workout is better than no workout!!  Have a great day:)


Everyday Motivation

IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5563 IMG_5564

So excited to receive my new #motivationalmovement sticky notes from My Sticky Quotes.  I am loving all things positive, inspirational, uplifting so these fit in to my passion perfectly.  They can be used in so many ways.

Stick them on your bathroom mirror so that you can have constant reminders of staying positive, be motivated, put a smile on your face.  You could also stick them to your computer at work or in your home office as a focus for positive, uplifting thoughts.

You can put them in your child’s lunchbox or your spouse/partner’s lunch or briefcase. ¬†Give them a little pick-me-up in their day. ¬†A random act of kindness that will make you feel better and will lighten their day.

As a teacher, I can utilize them on papers, homework or tests.  The uses are endless in the classroom.  You could also choose one each day to attach to the calendar or use it as a mantra for the week/day.

These stickies are the brainchild of a college student, Michael Russo.  Such a great idea!!!  Give his website a look-see: My Sticky Quotes.  I am so excited to be able to support this product.  When I saw them, I thought such a simple idea, but such a great, empowering, positive idea.  So glad that I found them:)

Mom's Small Victories
A Fresh Start
Dolen Diaries


One of the things that makes me a happier person is reading. I LOVE to read…books, blogs, magazines, how to’s, textbooks….all of it. I am so excited to be part of the Books-n-Bloggers swap. You can specify what you like to read, so if you are on a self-awareness/fitness/nutrition journey (sounds familiar) you can sign up for those types of books. If you are more of a historical fiction reader, ask for those. ¬†I can’t wait to get matched up with my book/blog buddy so I can search for books for them AND THEN get books in return. ¬†Come join this awesome swap and make some friends along the way!!!


Books-n-Bloggers Swap sign up

Ten Things of Thankful 8/23

Ten Things Of Thankful

I love doing this every week.  It really helps me look at the all the positive things, big or small, that have graced me during the week.   These are in no particular order.

1- Two perfect beach days


2 – My favorite golfer, Jordan Spieth, earned the #1 in the world spot.


3 – I still have almost 2 weeks until school starts


4 – I bought flowers for a neighbor who was having a hard time because she lost her mom and her dog in the last few months…it made her feel better:)

5 – I was offered 3 guest blog spots….yay!!!

6 РI was sent some AWESOME products to review!!  Viv and Lou

! IMG_5553 IMG_5555 IMG_0769

7 – I found another great podcast….The Model Health Show…check it out!!!

8 – My Beachbody coach…Alesha Haley:)

9 – Two of my friends are opening gyms in the next 3 weeks…you go girls!!!

10 – My boxing class started up again after a summer hiatus!!!!

Ten Things of Thankful

School Days :( or :)

So summer vacation is almost over…parents are cheering and teachers are…not. ¬†I know that you want to believe that we patiently and giddily wait all summer for school to start back up. ¬†Sorry, but we NEED the vacation to rest, recharge, and relax so that we are new and fresh for your child. ¬†I think what I miss the most about summer when school starts is that I can’t workout whenever I want, eat whenever I want AND use the bathroom whenever I want…it’s the little things in life. ¬†Back to school isn’t just an adjustment for students, it is an adjustment for teachers too.

Please realize that we had a great time spending time with our own children, going to the beach, reading books for adults, going on vacation, using the bathroom on a whim…all that good stuff. ¬†If you walk into the school the day before school and we aren’t jumping up and down for joy with a HUGE smile on our face, know that it is NOTHING PERSONAL!!!! ¬†We are just readjusting to being on a schedule where we are told when to eat, when to use the bathroom, when to read, when to leave. We will get into the routine of school quickly and so will your children. ¬†Most people and children function better with a routine so it will all fall into place. ¬†We also love our job and wouldn’t want to do anything else:)

So my workout whenever I want to schedule will have to be tweaked, which is okay because I have not 1, but 2 friends opening gyms in the next few weeks. ¬†I will also continue to go to my barre class because come hell or high water I will sign that 100 class barre!!!!!!! ¬†One of my friend’s who is opening a gym put a spin class in her schedule just for me because she knows I like to workout right after school….so excited and I feel so special!!!

Don’t let back to school, back to work or the children out of your house keep you from a good workout and nutrition routine. ¬†Set your mind to it and you will do it!! ¬†It takes a while, but it will become a habit and then there will be no stopping you. ¬†Enjoy the rest of your summer because it DOES continue until later September.

Here is a post about overcoming workout excuses:

How to Overcome the Top 5 Workout Excuses

4FA7F840-1099-4D6E-8C94-259B121C1A4F IMG_5551

Viv and Lou and a Happier You

I know that my blog is mostly about fitness and nutrition, but it’s also about a Happier You!!! ¬†I happier you can be found by thinking positively, working hard and being peaceful. ¬†It can also somewhat be found by cute,¬†new back to school items from Viv and Lou. ¬†I know that material goods do not equal happiness, but if you feel better about yourself because you have a new bag or phone case, then I am ALL for it.


LOVE my Iphone 6 monogrammed navy anchor case.  My father was in the Navy so I LOVE anything with anchors on it.  This case fits well, protects well, all buttons are accessible and it is  very reasonably priced.  They also have other designs to choose from.


Not to be outdone, I got a matching navy anchor mousepad.  I need a bright, lively mousepad for my desk because I am a kindergarten teacher.  Again, had to have the anchors!!  Great quality, great price!!!  I know that I will be the envy of all the other teachers.

IMG_5553 IMG_5554

 I have my much needed pink maddie tote bag.  I tote a lot of work, my laptop, other papers, etc back and forth to school.  I LOVE fun tote bags and I especially love this one because it has zipper!!  Can easily fit a laptop and many other items in this tote bag AND it has a great shoulder strap.


Lastly, I have my, you guessed it,¬†navy anchor beach bag. ¬†So roomy with a small pocket attached by a cord for your phone, money, etc. ¬†I had it at the beach yesterday and twice the tide came in and that beach bag got a direct hit. ¬†Everything inside stayed dry….YAY. ¬†I know (boohoo!) summer is waning, but it would also work as a weekend bag or a gym bag.

I cannot say enough about this company.  Great selection, great prices, fast service, friendly customer service.  They also have great sales too.  Check them out:)

Viv and Lou link